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From writing offers to closing real estate and business deals - contract review, title work, joint ventures, commercial, residential, and business assets.


Including contract disputes, broker issues, mortgage problems, quiet title actions, FREC complaints, and special real estate counsel.

Estate Planning

Tailor made plans to avoid probate, protect from creditors and maximize inheritance. Simple planning saves time, costs, and heartache.

Real Estate Syndication, Private Equity & Startups

Raising any amount of investor capital requires compliance with State and Federal law.

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Meet Robert

Robert has worked on hundreds of transactions from different positions, giving him a special insight when analyzing legal issues. In addition to being a licensed attorney in the state of Florida, Robert is a licensed real estate broker, real estate school instructor, and title insurance agent. He has prior experience as a loan originator, real estate acquisitions negotiator, and in business sales.

He is the first and only person who is registered as an attorney, broker, instructor, holding an undergraduate degree in real estate with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. He double majored in real estate and finance at Florida State University, where he graduated with honors from the college of business. He attended Florida A&M College of Law in his home town of Orlando, where his family has served the community for over 50 years.

BBH Real Estate

BBH Real Estate Company, LLC is a local real estate brokerage developed by Robert Borr in order to provide higher standard brokerage services, and allow agents a cost-free company to hang their licenses. Many of the law firm’s clients benefit from having an “in house” real estate brokerage available.

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